Monday, August 1, 2011

July Report - Reg. 3 Connemara Show & Corgi Pups

The Reg.3 Connemara Show in Middleburg will be remembered for being quite a lovely time--in weather, fellowship, and rewards. On the first day, we showed our batch of 4 yr olds in the CT at the BN level. Artie was second in dressage, and then was under-piloted to a few rails in jumping. Fred went clean and ended in 2nd overall. Marco said "eek" to the jumps...evil gates and boxes. So back to green on the Sunday... and on to big boy pants when we got him home. Saturday afternoon was payback time for Cady--winning the mare in-hand class, and the overall best purebred of the day! (Payback from UpperLowerville--is that rude... well, my editor will bleep that!) Fred's in-hand career ended quietly, but he made a slight comeback as the three purebreds won the Get of Sire class! Now Tag has a ribbon on his stall-- a latter day tradition. Ask me about the day Keeper got out and tore all of Hokie's ribbon's down...

(Top Left: Ridgetop Cady O'Daly wins her third mare class of her career...and wins her first ever 'Best Purebred Connemara' victory! Photo by Megan Buchanan Harris.)

Sunday was also beautiful--and rewarding--Marco got a hack and jumping ribbon, and Artie got second in the hack--wow. Fred showed his style with flying changes and beautiful rides. Artie got the job done, but needs some work on the leads. Our hunter career ended with a bang and a reserve tricolor ribbon. Then Josh and Cady went to work, and kept everyone entertained, and finished the day with the distinguished "Another Notch Award"-- best overall pony. Pretty cool!

(Right: Emily & Josh posing for a photo-op with Cady after receiving the Another Notch Award. Photo by Sandy McShea.)

So Marco came home with me and the princesses Cady and Artie headed back to WV. Marco is off to big boy camp, and he is coming along. His body has gone through so many changes, he didn't know what to do. Now we are galloping and jumping and doing hills and trails and stadium jumping. Pretty fun assignment, if you ask me!

We would like to introduce the newest equine to join the farm: Nellie--3 days old! Her mom is Nelda (origin of name :Harry Belafonte song about donkey Joe) And she finally made her appearance, squeaky moist and on her feet when we got to the barn at 6:30 am Thur. What a lovely Christmas in July present!!!

And we also welcome the arrival of healthy Corgi pups Tuesday evening. Piglet, Christopher, Kanga, Roo, Winnie, Eeyore, Robin.